3 Top Cloud Stocks to Buy in May

Amid the recent sell-off, many cloud stocks have borne the brunt of the selling. However, others have held up amazingly well as the industry spawns new tech companies and revives older tech giants. Thankfully, some of these established players offer potential opportunities amid the selling. Cloud stocks, such as Alphabet (GOOGL 2.84%† (GOOG 2.96%†† International … Read more

She pushed for student loan forgiveness for a decade. It could happen

Astra Taylor Source: Isabella De Maddalena Astra Taylor took out her first student loan at 17. She attended Brown University and The New School, and owed tens of thousands of dollars when she defaulted on her debt during the 2008 financial crisis. “Overnight, they added 19% to my principal,” Taylor, 42, said. “Like millions of … Read more

Plunge in crypto values boosts calls for regulations

A plunge in cryptocurrency values ​​and the collapse of popular tokens are stoking panic among some investors and boosting pressure on Washington to act. Rising interest rates and recession risks have caused sharp selloffs across financial markets, including the stock market. Many crypto investors have seen their holdings evaporated — along with major players in … Read more

Top Wall Street analysts say buy Costco & Cigna

Friday’s rally gave investors a bit of respite from the latest bout of stock market tumult, but more volatility is likely ahead. It doesn’t help that inflation continues to bite, and the Federal Reserve’s move to raise rates has created further uncertainty. Wall Street’s top pros are reminding investors to look past the turbulence and … Read more