Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn alignment soon! Moon too will join; Know when, where and how to watch

A rare planet alignment of Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn is just a few days away! Know how and where to watch this planet parade.

Skywatchers, get ready to witness a rare cosmic dance of planets! While Mars and Venus are already in an unusual planetary combo, soon, Saturn and Jupiter will join for the quad-formation above us. First, Mars and Venus will wait for Jupiter to join from mid-April to form a planetary trio. After this rare trio formation of planets, the excitement for astronomy enthusiasts will extend further with another planet joining the parade! Saturn will then join these three planets – Mars, Venus, and Jupiter – for a rare alignment or planetary conjunction. It is expected to form the rare cosmic parade of planets in an extraordinary alignment starting from April 17 and will be best visible on April 20.

The rare planet parade will be similar to the one that we witnessed back in 2020. Earlier, there was a similar kind of grand conjunction of planets that had aligned Jupiter and Saturn and was visible even to the naked eye. Similarly, you will be able to catch this celestial wonder moment in 2022 also. Here’s everything that you need to know about the mega-show of Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn!

What do Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn conjunction mean?

According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, these conjunctions aren’t quite as close as that, but still, they form a spectacular view for all the skywatchers. Also, they’ll make for intriguing morning sky views on April 20. Though you need to note that an alignment does not imply that these planets will collide or approach dangerously close to each other! Instead, in the huge depths of space, they will be separated by billions of kilometers as normal as they are. Basically, the mega-show of the alignment of these planets is simply the result of our changing orientation in relation to these planets as the Earth rotates in its orbit around the Sun, which keeps changing its views from month to month. Well, the last week of April will be one of the most exciting as Jupiter and Venus come together and the moon too will join the celestial parade of the planets.

How to watch Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn alignment

You will be able to catch the rare planetary alignment right before sunrise on April 17. Though, the best view for the skywatchers will be on April 20 with the mega-show of Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn alignment. The good part is that the cosmic parade of planets will be visible in India, but much will depend on pollution levels. You will need to look towards the east before sunrise to witness the rare cosmic dance of planets!

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