‘Let Me Solo Her’ Summon Explained

Elden Ring is full of difficult bosses, with many viewing foes like Radahn and Radagon as some of the hardest enemies in the entire game. However, none can compare to Malenia, with the Blade of Miquella being the toughest challenge available to those exploring The Lands Between. While fans have debated whether her healing and Waterfowl Dance are fair, even without these abilities she would be a major challenge.

With Malenia felling many Elden Ring players regardless of their skill level, a fair number of gamers have resorted to summoning others so that they can get some help taking her down. Through these summons, rumors of “Let Me Solo Her” began to spread, with reports of this player appearing all over social media platforms like Reddit. Before long, gamers discovered that this was very much a real person, and since then this skilled player has built up their own fan base.


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The Rise of “Let Me Solo Her”

Early on, gamers had no idea to know if “Let Me Solo Her” was real or a community joke like Elden Ring‘s dog meme. However, as time went on, it became clear that this phenomenon was not a myth. Numerous posts were shared that had the same exact details, with fans reporting a summon sign reading “Let Me Solo Her” and a very distinct outfit. Specifically, the summoned player wore no clothing at all apart from a jar atop their head. They also wield two katanas, giving them an instantly recognizable appearance.

As more and more players reported appearances of “Let Me Solo Her,” the actual player confirmed their existence. They shared a video of themselves soloing the boss alongside an image of their character and an explanation of their actions. This post can be seen above, bringing in a staggering 64,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments praising the player. They go by KleinTsuboiOW on Reddit, and according to them, they have helped “countless Tarnished” beat this boss via Elden Ring‘s co-op mode.

Since KleinTsuboiOW revealed themselves, there have been several pieces of fan art dedicated to their Elden Ring character. Gamers have made “Let Me Solo Her” drawings and fully painted models, taking their appreciation of this player to a whole new level. In a matter of days, “Let Me Solo Her” has gone from mere whispers on the internet to common knowledge, inspiring dozens of appreciation posts from those that encountered them and those that have only just heard the stories.

The popularity of “Let Me Solo Her” is comparable to that of dark soulsGiant Dad, only with some opposite motivations. Giant Dad saw the most skilled Dark Souls players dominating everyone they came across in PvP, while “Let Me Solo Her” only seeks to help their fellow Tarnished defeat Elden Ringhardest boss. Both have become iconic within the games’ respective communities, with Giant Dad being a meme and “Let Me Solo Her” portrayed as a hero. Further, like Giant Dad, there will surely be several copycats.

With many players likely dressing up as “Let Me Solo Her” and leaving this message behind, it will be difficult to tell if Elden Ring players are summoning the real version or a pretender. For those that manage to call upon the real one, though, they will likely be carried through a battle that they have spent hours struggling with. As time goes on, fans will likely continue to spread the word about what KleinTsuboiOW is doing, placing them on a pedestal and further honoring the legend.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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