Scientists Have Found A Curious Link Between Coffee And Cholesterol

Nothing wakes you up more than a cup of coffee. Whether it’s a latte, mocha or an espresso, some of us like it so much, we have several cups a day.

But how does this impact our health? Well, a new study suggests the type of coffee we select can make a difference.

Drinking coffee has been linked with raises levels of cholesterol in the blood. But the latest research suggests it could also be down to how you brew your coffee and your gender.

The findings highlight that drinking espresso was associated with the widest gender difference in cholesterol level; plunger (cafetière) coffee was associated with the narrowest.

Naturally occurring chemicals in coffee—diterpenes, cafestol, and kahweol—raise levels of cholesterol in the blood. Brewing method is influential, but until now, it’s not been clear what impact espresso coffee might have, and in what quantities.

So researchers sought out to compare espresso coffee with other brewing methods among adults aged 40 and older.

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