Open Letter To Bitcoin-Doubting Friend On Wall Street

Dear Wall Street friend, I write this letter because I like you. I know we have our differences, especially in terms of how we view the financial institutions that dominated the last century of history, but I understand where you’re coming from. You are a smart and communicative person, banks and managers have identified your … Read more

Bitcoin Ends The Financial Dark Ages

During the Middle Ages, a group of men tried to turn base metals into gold; they were known as alchemists and they did not succeed in their endeavors. We’re fortunate that they didn’t. why? Consider the alternative. Had the alchemists found a way to transmute base metals such as lead into the monetary unit of … Read more

Floyd Mayweather, Odell Beckham Jr., Jake Paul and more weigh in on Canelo Alvarez-Dmitry Bivol

Dmitry Bivol (20-0, 11 KOs) and Canelo Alvarez (57-2-2, 39 KOs) had T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas rocking on Saturday night. In just his second fight at 175 pounds, Alvarez moved up in weight to challenge light heavyweight champion Bivol for his WBA world title. Alvarez was the favorite to come out on top and … Read more

Climbing The Bitcoin Ladder Of Financial Freedom

We’re going to climb a ladder together today. It’s perhaps one of the more important ladders you will ever climb: the ladder of financial sovereignty. Until last year when I began to learn about Bitcoin, I didn’t know that such a ladder even existed and I’m guessing you didn’t either. What this ladder symbolizes is … Read more

Set This Hidden iPhone Timer to Shut Your Music Off After You Fall Asleep

photo† Cristian Dina †Shutterstock† Rarely do I go to bed without something playing on my iPhone, usually a YouTube video. The problem is, I need to make sure the video is long enough for me to fall asleep to, but not so long it wakes up me down the line. Plus, I need to make … Read more

Sonos Voice Assistant Leaked, Will Work Alongside Google, Alexa

The much-rumored Sonos Voice Control feature could arrive to your speakers as soon as next month. photo† Victoria Song / Gizmodo Shouting out “Hey Sonos” to change the music might become a reality in your household in the next few weeks. Sonos is preparing to launch its anticipated voice control functionality in June, an exclusive … Read more

Bitcoin Is The Safest Place For Your Money

Most, if not all, individuals are provisioned with zero financial education and are not given sufficient instruction in the first principles of money, especially as it relates to building wealth and establishing a secure foundation from which to operate so that they may most optimally navigate the challenges of life. Financial education is entirely omitted … Read more

Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray tweet both sides of Ravens-Cardinals Hollywood Brown trade

The 2022 NFL draft delivered on everything from flashy outfits to surprising picks and, of course, blockbuster trades. One major move involved the Baltimore Ravens trading wide receiver Marquise Brown and their 100th overall pick for the Arizona Cardinals’ sole first-round pick. Read More: 2022 NFL draft trade tracker: Every deal for a first-round pick … Read more

Classic Wolfenstein MP Game Launches On Steam 19 Years Late

Screenshot† Splash Damage Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was released 19 years ago, and is one of the greatest multiplayer shooters ever to appear on the PC. Sadly, some younger readers may never have had the pleasure of playing it, as it had never been released on Steam. Until today† Note that the game has been available … Read more

NFL draft 2022 – Los Angeles Rams release ‘On the Clock’ film teaser with Aaron Donald, Cooper Kupp, Josh Holloway, Dennis Quaid and more

11:51 AM ET Jeremy The Los Angeles Rams don’t exactly seem to believe in building through the NFL draft. Their first pick of the 2022 draft won’t come until the third round. The Rams’ GM Les Snead famously has a coffee mug and T-shirt expressing his opinion of draft capital. But this is Hollywood. … Read more