Open Letter To Bitcoin-Doubting Friend On Wall Street

Dear Wall Street friend, I write this letter because I like you. I know we have our differences, especially in terms of how we view the financial institutions that dominated the last century of history, but I understand where you’re coming from. You are a smart and communicative person, banks and managers have identified your … Read more

Bitcoin Ends The Financial Dark Ages

During the Middle Ages, a group of men tried to turn base metals into gold; they were known as alchemists and they did not succeed in their endeavors. We’re fortunate that they didn’t. why? Consider the alternative. Had the alchemists found a way to transmute base metals such as lead into the monetary unit of … Read more

This idiot-proof portfolio has beaten traditional stocks and bonds over 50 years

Do you have the right portfolio for your retirement savings? When it comes to long-term investing, the biggest issue — by far — is overall asset allocation: How much to stocks, sectors, assets and so on. Picking individual securities within those asset classes — individual stocks or bonds, for example — usually turns out to … Read more

Opinion: Berkshire’s biggest shareholders could undermine Buffett’s legacy and all that makes the company unique

The critical takeaway from the recent annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway BRK.A, -1.36% BRK.B, -1.12% has been the least reported: the shareholder base has changed radically and the only way to assure that Berkshire endures beyond Warren Buffett is for his controlling stake be preserved after he leaves the scene. Buffett spent his life cultivating … Read more

Opinion: When is it safe to start buying stocks again? We’re not there yet, but these are the six signs to look for

Big stock market drawdowns like the current one often end with a selling frenzy, called capitulation. So, you’ll want know how to spot capitulation — a sign that it’s safer to start buying. To find out, I recently checked with several of my favorite market strategists and technicians. They offer the following indicators. In fairness … Read more

‘She has no ambition’: I make $100,000. I’m buying a home before the wedding. My fiancée earns $50,000 and has $20,000 in student debt. What’s a fair prenup?

I have been in my current relationship for almost three years. I’m a young woman, 41, have a great, stable career and make about $100,000 a year. I am ambitious and my prospects have me increasing my income by $10,000 every year. I have about $140,000 in savings, and no debt. I am close to … Read more

Climbing The Bitcoin Ladder Of Financial Freedom

We’re going to climb a ladder together today. It’s perhaps one of the more important ladders you will ever climb: the ladder of financial sovereignty. Until last year when I began to learn about Bitcoin, I didn’t know that such a ladder even existed and I’m guessing you didn’t either. What this ladder symbolizes is … Read more

How to invest now as your 401(k) tanks — according to a top money manager

So-called “value” stocks fell half as much as “growth” stocks in Thursday’s market rout. You know who won’t be surprised? Ben Inker. I caught up with the chief investment officer at GMO, the white-shoe Boston money management firm, earlier this week. Once again he was pounding the table in favor of “value” stocks, which GMO … Read more

The Fed could turn the housing market from boom to bust

Herb Stein famously said that if something cannot go on forever, it will stop. Those buying houses in the belief that today’s rapid rate of home price increases will continue indefinitely might take note of the economist’s adage. With the Federal Reserve beginning to remove the punchbowl that has juiced the industry’s impressive recent boom, … Read more

These 10 stocks in the S&P 500 soared at least 8% after the Fed made its big move — but only 3 have gains for 2022

Wednesday turned into a big day for stocks — the S&P 500 index had its largest one-day percentage gain in nearly two years — after the Federal Reserve raised the federal funds rate by half a percentage point and announced plans to begin reducing its bond portfolio next month. But key stock-market benchmarks — and … Read more