The Epic Games Store Free Games for April 21 Prove It’s On a Hot Streak

it seems Epic Games Store walked into April and decided to flip everything on its head. For those who pay attention to free games on Epic Games Store, it’s pretty obvious that the service usually focuses on smaller titles. This is a good thing, as it often provides players with games they wouldn’t have bought normally, and someone is bound to love them.

But Epic Games Store has shake it up a bit. Epic Games Store appears to be following an old PS Plus pattern from a couple of years ago by offering one big game and one smaller, more niche game. The pattern works because it has the wow factor of a “big” game but the appeal of a second, as well, that may have flown under the radar. With the Epic Games Store free games for April 21, this trend seems to continue and solidifies Epic Games Store’s current hot streak.


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Epic Games Store Free Games for April 21 Stand Among Giants


On April 21, players will be able to access Amnesia: Rebirth and river bond. Amnesia: Rebirth is a strong sequel to a beloved horror game franchise, one with solid reviews and a solid fanbase. river bond is a cutesy pixelated dungeon crawler, and its stand-out feature may be its co-op function. Free, multiplayer games of any sort are always appealing, as they inherently bring people together to game.

One could argue that Amnesia: Rebirth isn’t as big as the other giants of the past few weeks, and that’s fair. One could argue that river bond would find itself near the bottom, which is fair. This is all personal taste after all. Yet, compared to some past Epic Games Store releases earlier this year, this selection definitely finds itself holding up to past games of the recent weeks. In short, Epic Games Store users should hopefully be claiming these free games, as this hot streak is cemented in well now. That, hopefully, bodes well for the next few weeks too.

Epic Games Store’s Free Game Lineup is on a Hot Streak

epic games store free games april ethan carter and xcom 2

Just looking at the list of games makes this pretty clear. Total War: Warhammer, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, XCOM 2and Amnesia: Rebirth are all big gets for the Epic Games Store, while Rogue Legacy (which in and of itself could be argued to be a big indie), City of Brass, Insurmountableand river bond retain that charm of typical Epic Games Store giveaways.

  • City of Brass (March 31)
  • Total War: Warhammer (March 31)
  • Rogue Legacy (April 7)
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (April 7)
  • Insurmountable (April 14)
  • XCOM 2 (April 14)
  • Amnesia: Rebirth (April 21)
  • River Bond (April 21)

What’s clear is that this Epic Games Store pattern is working. Hopefully, it continues just like this.

Epic Games Store users get a handful of free games every month.

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