Video shows struggle before Grand Rapids officer shot Patrick Lyoya

Grand Rapids — Video released Wednesday showed a Grand Rapids police officer shot a man while he was on top of him during a struggle in which the man appeared to try to gain control of the officer’s stun gun.

Patrick Lyoya, 26, was fatally shot on April 4 after police said he fought during a traffic stop related to a license plate registration issue, officials said. The incident occurred at 8:11 am near the intersection of Griggs and Nelson. Lyoya was driving the vehicle and had a male passenger in the car.

In the roughly 20-minutes of footage released by Grand Rapids police during a press conference Wednesday, Lyoya can be seen exiting the vehicle in a green sweater before the officer approaches. The officer instructs him to get back into the car, asks for his license and if he speaks English, to which Lyoya replies yes.

Patrick Lyoya

The family’s native language is Swahili, said Israel Siku, an interpreter for the family.

The officer tells Lyoya that the car isn’t registered, but Lyoya appeared confused and dismissive. The officer asks for his driver’s license.

Lyoya tells the officer his license is in the car, he stands at the vehicle with the door open for nearly 30 seconds before closing the door. The officer shouts, “nope, nope” and tried to get Lyoya on the hood of the car Lyoya was driving. That’s when a struggle began and Lyoya breaks free and runs around the car and into a nearby yard.

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